Rapid assessment of corticospinal neuroplasticity

Key Contact: Dr Michael Grey
Funder: SRMRC and BMA

Neuroplasticity is critical for neurorehabilitation. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can be used to measure corticospinal excitability, which is a surrogate marker for neuroplasticity. Both stimulus-response curves and excitability maps have been used in research studies to explore neuroplasticity. However, their clinical use is restricted by the time it takes to acquire the data (typically 10-15 min). We recently demonstrated that data to construct SR curves and excitability maps can be acquired in less than two minutes (Mathias et al. 2014, van de Ruit et al. 2015). We are developing these techniques so they may be used in the clinic, thus translating a laboratory-based measure into clinically-feasible measure of neuroplasticity.

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