New Survey About Brain Injury and Intensive Care

Patients, relatives and carers are being asked about brain injuries and intensive care. A  new survey asks people who have been affected by a brain injury about their needs that were not met on intensive care (unmet needs). These could be physical, psychological, social, economic or other.  All ideas are welcome. This survey is supported by the Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Cooperative (HTC).


The Brain injury HTC is holding a series of surveys and themed workshops to investigate the needs of patients that are not met by current technology. This first survey is on the theme of intensive care for brain injuries.  Patients, carers and relatives will discuss the survey results in a workshop and assess which needs should take priority.


If you or your relative has


*   Suffered a brain injury and

*   Was in intensive care or on a high dependency unit


And would like to take part in our survey please go to to fill in the survey online, or to download the survey form.