FAST INdICATE Reaches Final Recruitment Target

Clinical Efficacy of FunctionAl STrength TraINing for upper limb motor recovery early after stroke: neural CorrelATEs and prognostic indicators (FAST INdICATE).

The FAST INdICATE Trial officially closed for recruitment on Friday the 29th of January, after successfully reaching its final recruitment target of 288 patients.

FAST INdICATE is a randomised controlled clinical trial, designed to compare the effects of two different therapy interventions on upper limb recovery early after stroke; and to increase understanding of how the central nervous system (CNS) recovers in response to these therapy interventions.

Recruiting to target is always one of the most challenging aspects of managing a research trial, so it really is a testament to the whole FAST INdICATE team that this tremendous milestone has been reached.

A graph illustrating the full month-by-month recruitment of the trial across all three participating sites, can found below:

FI Recruitment Graph

It is now anticipated that all of the remaining patients on the trial will complete their 6-month follow-up assessments by the end of July 2016, with a full report due for submission to the trial funder by the 31st of October 2016.

This research was funded/supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

For further information about the FAST INdICATE Trial, please visit the trial website, at