Help Headway to up their Game!

Headway are sending out a call to all you brainy people at ABIRA!!

Do you want to join a focus group to help develop a new board game – designed by people with a brain injury for people with a brain injury? Can we aid memory, assess executive skills and improve social and communication skills and have fun all at the same time? We think so!!!

Please help Headway Cambridgeshire to explore the potential benefits of playing their new prototype game.

They are looking for help to develop it into both a therapeutic and assessment tool- so you can tell them what you think!

For further information about this exciting opportunity, please contact Austin Willett or Sarah Green. Their contact details are listed below:

Sarah Green

Research / Development Co-Ordinator (Mon-Thurs 9.30 am – 2.30 pm)

Headway Cambridgeshire

T: 01223 576550



Austin Willett

Chief Executive

T: 01223 576550



ABIRA game