Volunteer opportunity – stroke research

Faculty of Medicine and Health University of East Anglia

“Developing measurement of movement performance using the “gold-standard” Vicon and novel Biokido motion analysis systems: normal values, test-retest reliability, criterion validity and smallest detectable difference”

In detail we are recruiting adults who do not have any neurological or musculoskeletal condition impacting on their ability to move or have a latex allergy. This project will involve measuring your movement whilst you undertake the everyday task of picking up a telephone several times. To measure your movement, we will stick small reflective markers and sensors on your skin. No painful or intrusive methods are used. You will need to attend two 60-minute sessions in the Movement and Exercise Laboratory at the University of East Anglia.

If you are interested in taking part as a volunteer, please contact v.pomeroy@uea.ac.uk or p.fordham@uea.ac.uk