SWIFT Cast Trial

Key contact: Nick Leavey

Email: n.leavey@uea.ac.uk

Clinical efficacy of the Soft-Scotch Walking Initial FooT Cast (SWIFT Cast) on walking recovery early after stroke and the neural-biomechanical correlates of response.

A SWIFT Cast is a lightweight, semi-rigid cast that supports the leg and foot from just below the knee to the base of the toes. Each SWIFT Cast is custom-made for each individual by a therapist. It is ready to wear after 24 hours after the cast is made.

The main aims of the trial were to examine:

a. If a SWIFT CAST to maintain a correct position of the foot on the leg can help recovery of normal walking;

b. Which particular patients might benefit from the SWIFT Cast;

c. How the brain recovers when people wear a SWIFT Cast.

The scientific papers reporting the results of this trial are currently being written. As these are published a précis of results will be posted here.